Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Enchanted Forest Birthday

All little girls love to play dress up! Why not throw your little girl an Enchanted Forest Birthday party complete with fairy wings and wands?!

I love this owl cake! The details are spectacular and the owl is perfect for an Enchanted Forest Birthday!

This 3 tier cake is over the top, but fabulous! Great color choices for a vibrant centerpiece.

A chair for the "Fairy of Honor"

I love these print outs available on Etsy by TomKat Studio. These print outs are detailed, colorful and an inexpensive way to add color to your table-scape.

Flowers, butterflies and mushrooms. This table-scape is perfect!

Grass placemats are a perfect touch for the Enchanted Forest Birthday party!

A great way to display fairy wands as favors for all the fairies!!

This Enchanted Forest cake is perfect in every way from

This is so easy to make! Pull some old branches from any tree, put them in a galvanized vase, fill the branches with mini poms and use a tutu from your little girl's closet to finish it off! What a great centerpiece idea!

These poms are a MUST!! Make them yourself or order them from Etsy. The good thing about these is that if the colors are right they won't go to waste - hang them in a corner in your fairy's room after the party :)

Photos courtesy of wedding-cakes-for-you, snowybliss.blogspot, hostessblog, cheescakecupcakes.blogspot and thetondrefamily.blogspot.

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  1. How fantabulous birthday bash!! These ideas are truly adorable. The bright colors make this party décor even more attractive. At some local outdoor venues in Chicago my son’s birthday had been organized in last week and I also used a colorful theme for his bash.