Friday, July 1, 2011

A Seussical Birthday!

If you are anything like us "Davis Girls" (we will always, I think, consider ourselves Davis girls, even though we've both been married for several years now and are, technically, a Posey and a Young), you grew up with Dr. Seuss.  Green Eggs & Ham, Are You My Mother, The Cat in the Hat, Oh the Places You Will Go...the list goes on and on.  Dr. Seuss's magical world of whimsy has entertained and enchanted children for years, so what better theme for a first birthday party?!  Starting with Dr. Seuss's "Happy Birthday to You!" book, this birthday party uses several table vignettes, with each mini-themed table showcasing different Dr. Seuss books. I am in love with all of the clever terms using "Seuss-ese" - a universal language for fun-loving children and adults alike!  (This would also be adorable for a twin birthday party...Thing One & Thing Two!)

This Seuss-tastic dessert table is just too much fun!  A framed puzzle and printable Happy Birthday banner make a clever backdrop for this fanciful table, which features a "Cat in the Hat" smashcake!  "WooFoo Fluff On A Stick" bouquets (DIY marshmallow pops made with candy melts, sanding suger and marshmallows) are displayed in vases, along with "ABC's of Seuss Cookies" and "Who Cakes" (cupcakes).

Who Cakes, ABC's of Seuss Cookies, and Cat in the Hat Smashcake.  Oh, my!!

This precious wreath would be so cute on the front door to welcome guests!

Bright colored pens provided for guests to sign Dr. Seuss's "Happy Birthday to You" book...what a neat idea and awesome keepsake!

A DIY Photo Booth, Complete with Dr. Seuss Themed Props!

"Guess How Many?" game for guests & mason jar filled with "Bird Egg" Whoppers - There's even a One Fish, Two Fish bowl to put guesses in! 

This food table is absolute genius!  Each snack has a Dr. Seuss theme - "Three-Decker Sauerkraut and Toadstool Sandwiches" (ham, turkey & cheese), "Yertle's Caramel Turtles", "Oodles of Noodles" (pasta salad), and "A Crumb That Was Even Too Small For a Mouse" (an empty plate!).

Kids will go crazy for these zany drinks - 
 "Beezlenut Splash", made of Sprite and colored Jello.

Personalized sippy cups for little friends and swirly cups for big kids, complete with a crazy straw!

Feather birthday hats ensure lot of silly fun!  Also here are favors for kids to take home - Dr. Seuss colored popcorn and mini Dr. Seuss board books...too, too cute!!

Thank you sweet are these little Dr. Seuss books, packaged with a lollipop and thank-you note from the birthday boy?!

Take home toothbrushes - the poem is inspired by Dr. Seuss's "Tooth Book"!! 

Green Eggs & Ham Cupcakes!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Love this idea!! Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cotton Candy Cups!

More Green Eggs & Ham, this time on cookies...Sam-I-Am would be proud!

Cat in the Hat Cake - look at the details!!

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cake.  I love this one, but...

THIS is my favorite!!

If you love these ideas as much as we do, contact us and we'll get started planning your Seussical party!
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