Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greenlee Kate's First Birthday Plans!!

Ok, so I jump the gun a lot! I'm a HUGE planner! But in this case I have to be - my hubby's birthday is October 3rd, Greenlee Kate turns one October 11th, I am designing a wedding for October 14th and then Carter turns 5 October 24th! Busy month! I always plan way ahead anyway, but especially this time.

I have decided to do a Saturday morning brunch so not to interfere with Saturday football. In the South, we plan our lives around Saturday college football (Go Vols!). Here are my plans so far - we'll see later how it all comes together :)

My darling Greenlee Kate is just too darn cute to not include her on the invitation! Can you tell? I'm head over heels in love with this little girl! She has stolen my heart!

Who doesn't love an old-fashioned powdered donut? I know I do! It's a bond I share with my dad that can never be broken - haha!

This is just too precious! I think it will look fabulous on her dark pink high-chair!

Mudpie - adorable!!

I LOVE ruffle cakes! Have I mentioned that before? Probably only a few times ;) I've already got a quote e-mail into my cake lady and my eye on a personalized bunting from Etsy!

I think poms are great no matter where or how you use them! We have some in Greenlee's room that will be taken down and used with my favorite vases for the tablescape (I know I'm not Sandra Lee, but I love  her word "tablescape").

These will be adorable in our milk jars (or mason jars) with orange juice and milk.

This is the overall look we are going for! There will be donuts, muffins, quiches, bacon wrapped hotdogs and of course a fruit pizza - get excited!!

Waffles! If "Donkey" were coming, he'd be in heaven :)

Stay tuned for more ideas as I come up with them, and then for the real party photos in October!

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  1. OMG I love this!! Such a cute idea!